Dublin Woman Thinks She’s Some Sort Of Love Coach


DUBLIN native Sheila Muldoon has always fancied herself as a bit of a relationship expert, announcing that after thinking about it for an hour or so, she is now a ‘love coach’, who can help anyone find the happiness of a loving and lasting relationship.

The lifelong singleton has changed her bio on Twitter to include the phrase ‘love coach’, and has begun dispensing relationship advice to friends and co-workers, mostly via unsolicited Whatsapp messages that start with the phrase”‘you’d be far happier if you were going out with someone”.

32 year-old Muldoon is one of an ever-growing number of semi-professional, self-appointed ‘love experts’, and has a PHD in regurgitated relationship advice that she heard on Sex & The City, as well as three decades of experience in the field of being an interfering dose.

“Even back when I was small, I’d be the one to go over and say ‘will you shift my friend?'” said Muldoon, who continues to dole out advice for free in the absence of someone willing to pay her for it.

“Over the years, I’ve made it my business to stick my nose into every relationship my friends and family have been involved in. It’s really easy: all I have to do is be a total contrarian and avoid any questions over why I’m still single “.

Muldoon is now the 450,000th relationship expert in Ireland, sparking calls for stricter regulations in the matchmaking/love coaching industries.