Arsene Wenger Vows To Regain 4th Place Trophy After Signing New Contract


A DEFIANT Arsene Wenger has vowed to win back disenfranchised Arsenal fans by winning the coveted 4th Place Trophy next season, the Frenchman revealed to reporters as he signed a new two-year deal at the club.

The contract extension is a vote of confidence in the club’s most successful manager in its history and comes just a few days after he lifted the FA Cup for a 7th time.

“I have listened to the fans and their concerns, and I will do everything in my power to regain that 4th Place Trophy just as they desire, and I will put this club back where it deserves to be,” Wenger explained, before adding that in order to do so the team would need no major investment but did have upwards of £200 million to spend.

However, should it be needed, Wenger has committed to claiming he could have signed a number of players that are helping rival clubs to success. Wenger also refused to shoot down rumours that he has his eye on a very promising 16-year-old hamstring from France.

Elsewhere, Arsenal Fan TV has been renewed for two more seasons, and is expanding with the hiring of 4,000 more Arsenal fans who seem to live their life sat on the precipice of a rage induced stroke.