New Call Of Duty Game To Come With Free Prosthetic Leg


THE upcoming Call Of Duty video game for PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4 promises to be the realist depiction of warfare ever to grace gaming, with special limited-edition deluxe versions of the game coming packaged with a fully functional prosthetic leg.

The popular FPS series, now on its 39th edition, promises players a truly immersive experience when playing COD: Middle East Warfare, due to hit the shops in November.

The game adds to its realistic depiction of war due to being played mostly by millions of young males, while behind the scenes a hundred or so rich people just keep getting richer.

COD: MEW adds to the videogame variety by including a bug that causes your console to explode without warning, destroying your lower limbs and crippling your for life.

As such, serious COD players can opt for the ‘Premium Prosthetic Pack’; available as a pre-order only, which comes with a fake leg to stick on your stump so that you can just keep on playing.

“We thought that realistic graphics and sound can only immerse the player so far; to really feel like you’re at war, you need to lose a limb for no reason” said a spokesperson for developers Activision.

“Also, we’re intending to release some PTSD DLC later in the year, which will really bring the true warfare experience to players around the world. Of course, we’re already working on COD: MEW 2, 3, 4… in fact, we’re going to keep releasing a fresh Middle Eastern war every few years, which is pretty realistic too”.