UK Elections To Be Broadcast Live On Comedy Central


IN A landmark deal that will serve as a major blow to ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News, the UK iteration of the popular Comedy Central channel has secured the rights to the upcoming UK general election, WWN understands.

Comedy Central, already home to crowd pleasing fare such as Friends, and that’s basically it, are believed to have spent big and are banking on the idea that the political elite of the UK will be predictably amusing and idiotic, emitting groan-inducing chuckles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“It’ll be like the humour seen on The Office, although possibly several hundred percent more cringe worthy,” explained head of humour acquisition at Comedy Central, Dave Ferryman.

With a series of bumbling fools now engaging with the media on a daily basis in the hope of helping their party secure votes, Comedy Central will cover the pratfalls all the way up until polling day in early June.

“Some initial research shows the election has all the makings of the perfect sitcom. Warring neighbours who could move away, but choose to stay side by side because they seem addicted to unhappiness, and then there’s the bumbling uncle Boris, and the bumbling uncle Nigel, bumbling uncle Jeremy, weird uncle Tim. Actually, it’s wall to wall bumbling uncles,” added Ferryman.

The channel has yet to confirm when their special ‘debate’ episodes will air, which will see its characters thrown together in a room, unable to leave thus forcing them to spend time together in a worn out and tired sitcom trope that audiences will no doubt hate.