Trump Asks Tillerson To Say Hello To Natalya & Irina For Him


DONALD Trump has given the United States Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson specific instructions for his upcoming trip to Russia, imploring him to swing by 12 Kierstov Avenue, Moscow, and say a quick ‘hi’ to Natalia and Irina that work there, before heading to the Kremlin to see if he can do something about the impending world war that would kill every man, woman and child on the planet.

“You tell those girls that ‘Wet D’ says hello,” said Trump, teaching Tillerson the secret knock that will allow him access to the establishment where Natalia (23) and Irina (22) work.

“Tell them to relax, we’re going to sort out this bad dude in Syria, and ol’ Donny will be back over in no time to say hello personally, okay?”

Tillerson, setting off on a trip which will see him seek to encourage the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to no longer side with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in a bid to de-escalate the rapidly escalating situation in the troubled region, made notes on the back of a business card while Trump handed him some gifts for the ladies.

“They’ll get a big kick out of this,” giggled Trump, handing Tillerson two 2-litre bottles of Evian mineral water.

“You don’t have to say anything, they’ll get the joke. Okay, Rex, off you pop lad. Tell Vlad I said hello too, make sure you tell him to get his ass out of Serbia as quick as he can, okay?”