Nobody Wants To Hear About Your ‘Meal Prepping’, Gym Pricks Told


THE NATION’S enthusiastic gym goers who feel the need to post pictures online of a week’s work of meals have been told to save themselves the time and effort as nobody cares, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Meal prepping, the technique by which gym pricks find yet another way to inform people that will go or have been to the gym, has grown in popularity in recent months as avid narcissists realised the general public have cottoned on to how attention-seeking traditional gym selfies can be.

“No matter how I dressed it up; my gym selfie, be it with a ‘it’s been a long journey’, ‘feel so much happier’ or ‘positivity is the key’, people have copped on to the fact I just want to be showered in a masturbatory downpour of likes,” explains Waterford man Gavin Hassion.

“So I had to get clever. How can I get likes which praise me for exercising? By posting pictures of food for lazy fat arses to drool over, of course,” revealed Hassion.

Despite the best efforts of gym pricks to entice the wider public into sharing, commenting and liking these ‘meal prep’ photos, the lazy portion of the Nation has resolved to tell meal preppers to ‘fuck out with that shite’ as a picture of 12 chicken breasts and 40 hard boiled eggs is the last thing they want to see.

“Oh you’ve made 7 days worth of increasingly unappetising looking food, yeah, fuck off pal, you’re making me feel ill,” explained Tramore couch squatter Andy Deeley.

“Come back when you’re serious about this. You’ll have all my praise and attention when it’s a takeaway version, Chinese, Thai, chipper, pizza,” concluded Deeley.