Man Had No Idea Coworker Was A Protestant


A WATERFORD office worker has expressed surprise and shock after discovering the man sitting opposite him in work for the past 2 years is a Protestant, WWN can reveal.

“I just hadn’t a clue, it’s mad,” office worker Cormac Nellin shared with WWN, still wrestling with the revelation.

Nellin made the discovery earlier this morning when discussing with Aaron Kilbride, the impending baptism of his youngest child. Kilbride, not previously known for willfully hiding any deep and dark secrets, was forced to disclose to Nellin that none of his own children were baptised as he was an atheist with his own parents being of the Protestant faith.

“You wouldn’t think it to look at him would you,” Nellin said of Kilbride while spreading the news around every one of his coworkers, who were not sure what the big deal was, “a Protestant like. Wasn’t sure we had any in Waterford.”

“Ah, you can see it now though, when you properly look at him,” Nellin said, visually comparing Kilbride’s pale skin, glasses, short hair, beard and shirt with another coworker Derek Devlin’s shirt, beard, short hair, glasses and pale skin.

“Chalk and cheese,” Nellin said, laughing to himself, noting how foolish he was for not seeing the startlingly obvious before.

It is believed Nellin will spend the rest of the working day periodically staring at Kilbride in wonderment and slight suspicion.