Lovin’ Waterford: Ireland’s First Knuckle Sandwich Cafe Opens


LADS! It has been a long time coming, but Waterford has been announced as the location of Ireland’s first ever Knuckle Sandwich cafe, and this is something we’ve been saying, with our word trumpets aka our mouths, the city has needed for literally ages! Class, class, and class!

This is just the lift the W’ford needs as we move closer to eradicating the place of old, locally owned shops and the annoying homeless people. Major kudos to the Knuckle Sandwich lads for having the massive balls to place a flag down in Ireland, we’re major fans. Major!

If you are one of the 4 people in Ireland who knows nothing about this unique experiential life and vibe cafe, the Knuckle Sandwich cafe works the same way as most mouth-blast joints except instead of conventional hunger busters, customers can order a custom made punch in the face. Genie-fucking-ass!

Hugely popular among people who need to cop onto themselves (lol, we know a few in the Lovin’ Waterford offices, only messing!) and even more popular among the Pay It Forward crowd, for just €24 euro (spare change, no excuses) you can pay for a punch for the person in the queue behind you and Knuckle Sandwich’s carefully trained bare knuckle baristas can give you anything from a slap to a full blown nose breaker.

“We’re just responding to the overwhelming demand from a variety of people. From those who know they’re fuckin’ eejits and deserve a good slap, to others who are just having a shit day and need to feel something, anything,” explained bang on sound lad, envisionator, Knuckle Sandwich owner, Yogi master, avocado harvester and DJ curator Danno Sinclair.

“And yeah, we’ll probably serve a fuck tonne of salad on the side,” added the leg-bag, whose entrepreneurial streak totally reminds us of the vibe here at Lov-Wat.

Always good to see these places pop up in Waterford, and if it helps in its own small way to drive the poor out of the city, happy fuckin’ days.

We won’t take the credit for the new addition, but let’s say it is no coincidence that we thought something that is already in place in every major city in the world would make a cool addition to Waterford, you’re welcome folks.