WOW! Coláiste Lurgan Sing In English For A Change And It’s Shit


WWN’s VIRAL TEAM has been monitoring some of the 400 Irish sites which regularly post the latest Coláiste Lurgan videos and the Galway gang are back with another song!

The melodies are note perfect, and the chorus brings forth that by now familiar wave of goosebumps on the skin, but in a strange departure from their other work this latest ditty is in English and so it’s shite.

It’s hard to put our finger on why 60 girls and boys singing their hearts out in an emotionally evocative fashion leaves us cold, when on the previous 40 occasions we were floored, stunned and totes in awe and had bags of grá for them.

Their stirring version of Eminem’s classic ‘Smack That’ should have left us feeling 179% more Irish than we already feel, but alas the choice to sing in English robs the song of any greater meaning, therefore garnering not so rave reviews.

A casual look below the video in the comments section of Youtube reveals we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

“In English? Die #feelingbetrayed,” wrote one livid internet user in English.

Calls for a government inquiry to be launched have been growing in momentum this morning with Twitter user @Gra32 summing up everyone’s feelings.

“Is this some sort of sick joke?” @Gra32 queried.

At the time of this article’s publication, Coláiste Lurgan has yet to apologise.