Kid Completes ‘First Draft’ Of Letter To Santa


HAVING satisfied himself that he has ticked off all the boxes in terms of presents and sweets, one Dublin child has formally submitted ‘draft one’ of his letter to Santa, and is currently awaiting feedback from his parents.

“I wanted the letter to have an air of appreciation, but also a sense of urgency and danger,” said Cian Hanilan, aged 7 and three quarters.

“Chapter one just doesn’t dive into requests; the storyline builds up until the third page, whereby I’m hoping Santa will have become invested enough in my tale to continue reading, and ultimately bring me everything I ask for”.

Clocking in at 6 copybook pages, front and back, Hanilan describes the letter as his ‘magnum opus’, although he admits that it is currently in a very rough state and riddled with spelling errors.

“It’s a typical first draft,” said Hanilan, eating a Petit Filous.

“We’re not looking for perfection at this stage, just a solid structure that doesn’t read as being too pious. After it comes back from mam and dad, I’ll go back in and tighten everything up, and maybe add in a few more bits and pieces before sending it off. I’m also not married to a few things in the list, so they might get swapped out. Playstation 4 might become an Xbox One, that kind of thing”.

Initial reports from Hanilan’s parents suggest that the list is well written, but needs to be cut down substantially in order to work.