Local Man Really, Really Finished With The Walking Dead Now


ALTHOUGH Waterford man Graham Deenan had said that he’s never going to watch the popular horror show ‘The Walking Dead’ ever again many times before, this time he’s really, really done with it, WWN can confirm.

The show entered its seventh season last night with a typically gory and shocking episode, prompting thousands of fans to take to social media to either claim that the show was ‘better than ever’, or ‘getting worse each year’.

Just as he’s done every year since the show started, Waterford City native Deenan went to his Facebook page to state that he was finished with The Walking Dead, and vowed not to tune in next week as usual.

“Yeah, it’s gone to shite now altogether,” said Deenan, 37, “I thought it went to shite in season 2, but stuck with it, then I thought it went to shite in seasons 3,4,5, and twice in season 6. I wasn’t going to even bother watching season 7, but I sat down last night just for the craic. Yep, it’s gone to shite. That’s it, I’m done. I might watch next week and the week after that and maybe just the rest of this season, but after that I’m done”.

Deenan also went on to confirm that the spin-off show ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ was also shite, and he probably would only keep watching that as long as episodes were being made.