5 Ways To Avoid The Monday Blues


WE here at WWN probably differ from our online news publishing rivals as we just can’t stand Mondays. They are, like, the worst.

But, if you’re unique like WWN, you may be searching for an easy way to power through Monday without catching a case of the Monday blues. Look no further, because we’ve got you covered:

1) “Monday is a state of mind”

To alleviate any sort of pronounced Monday blues why not try stabbing anyone who says the above phrase, or any variation of it, right in their stupid face. Bonus thing to consider is that once you’re in prison, the days all sort of blend into one. You wouldn’t know a Monday if it stabbed you in the face.

2) Change the date

Change the date on your work PC, your watch, your phone, your colleagues’ PCs, just keep going until there is no evidence of a Monday left. Break into RTÉ’s newsroom and demand they refer to today on the Six One news as ‘Tuesday’. You’ll still be carrying that knife so they’ll probably listen. God, Mondays are just the worst, for reals, the worst.

3) Explain you can’t do Mondays, citing religious beliefs

Just simply skip Mondays. Tell your boss your religion forbids you from working on Mondays, there’s probably about 50 religions out there that have ya covered. Just make one up, sure. No one will know the difference. Congratulations, you’re now a devout Funtabulist.

4) Knock yourself out for the day

A little dramatic? Sure. Does it solve the problem? Absolutely.

5) Spend money on nice shiny things you can’t afford just to make yourself feel better

That’s right, let your dwindling bank balance laugh in the face of Mondays. Monday is no match for your new coat. Wait, actually, that’s a lot of money to be spending on a coat, and it’s not that practical looking. Christ, no, you don’t need another pair of shoes either. A new car? Really? You’re buying a new car, of a Monday. Oh fuck.