Cycle Lanes To Be Renamed ‘Extra Footpath’


COUNTY and city council services have begun the process of removing the ‘cycle’ symbol from cycle paths around the country, after it became apparent that most cyclists prefer to stay out on the road instead of on the path specially designed and built for them.

What is currently referred to as a cycle lane will now revert to being just ‘more footpath’, and the old system of cyclists just doing whatever they want will come back into place from 12 midnight tonight.

Although many cyclists avail of the specific cycle paths laid out for them around cities and towns in Ireland, a core group of two-wheel enthusiasts are still perfectly happy to cycle on the road, sometimes when there’s a cycle path just inches away.

“It’ll be great to have the extra leg room, to be honest,” said one pedestrian in Dublin this morning.

“Nice to have the path all to myself. Of course, even when that bit was a cycle path, there’d only ever be like four or five cyclists on it. They’d all be out on the road, getting into arguments with motorists and recording it all on their go-pro cameras. Then you had motorists filming the cyclists on their go-pro…the whole thing was a mess really. This is much simpler. Probably”.

The decision to remove cycle lanes has left all road users with one less way to argue about ‘who’s in the right’, which is hoped will shift the focus back onto everyone just keeping each other as safe as possible.