Local Lad Sees Nothing Wrong With Showing Friends Naked Pictures Of His Ex


A LOCAL Waterford man is under the impression he is a ‘complete and utter legend’ following his decision to circulate and share naked images of his ex amongst his friends.

Citing the ‘she shouldn’t have sent them if she didn’t want everyone to see them’ defence, 21-year-old student Cormac Edmunson sent his friends naked images of someone he previously referred to as ‘the love of his life’, 12 minutes after his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend ended.

While the majority of the man’s friends expressed confusion over receiving the images and even questioning Edmunson’s actions, he has thus far failed to see what the problem is.

“Relax, I’ve loads more, it’s banter and it’s not illegal,” Edmunson pointed out, highlighting the fact that there is next to nothing Gardaí can do when it comes to individuals circulating private images of someone online without their permission.

The images, sent to Edmunson by his then girlfriend over the course of their 2-year relationship, are now feared to be on a number of websites without the knowledge or consent of his former partner.

“I’m angry and pissed off, and this seems like a normal, decent thing to do to someone I cared for deeply. Robbing someone of their dignity and trying to humiliate them, it’s just a bit of craic,” Edmunson remarked to one friend who asked why he was sending him the photos.

Currently there is no law against circulating ‘revenge porn’ online which is why Edmunson will continue to tell friends to ‘relax’ when he’s criticised over his actions.