God Just Being A Prick By Making Weather “Colder Than It Looks”


“WATCH, watch, watch… he’s reaching for his coat but then he says ‘nah, it looks alright’, and out he goes! Ha ha ha!”

WWN are having a sit-down interview with God himself, in which the big man admits that one of his favourite pastimes is making the weather colder than it looks, tricking people into leaving home wearing inappropriately light clothing.

We watch on monitors as the Alpha and the Omega alters the colouration of the skies, clearing clouds to give the impression of a bright sunny day while lowering the overall temperature with a huge dial.

“I just get a real kick out of it,” admitted God, as we watch another hapless mortal walk out of their house into near zero-degree temperature wearing only a short-sleeved shirt.

“It’s a dick move, I’ll give you that, but look we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine just happens to be making really cold weather that looks like you could wear shorts in”.

Although the population of Earth agreed that God making the weather colder than it looks is ‘a bit of a prick of a thing to do’, it keeps him away from killing thousands of people with tsunamis and earthquakes when he’s bored.