Ireland Not Racist, But…


RECENT studies released regarding the reporting of racist abuse to gardaí in Ireland has returned a worrying rating for the Nation of ‘not racist, but…’

“The data is all the more surprising when you consider ‘not racist, but…’ wasn’t even an available score to receive,” Professor Edward Heaney, who carried out the study, explained.

“For the Nation, this rating essentially means we think that our racism is only ‘banter’ and that in the event of being called out on it we will likely respond ‘relax’ or ‘get over yourself’,” Prof Heaney added.

The news that incidents of racially motivated abuse and assaults are far higher than the number reported to Gardaí serves as a stark reminder that the Nation as a whole could be primed to make an offensive and prejudiced remark at any moment.

“Well only 20% of what was reported to the European Network Against Racism in Ireland was also reported to the police, because in fairness what is the point,” remarked Josh Reilly, who was sick of being on the receiving end of casual racism day in and day out in Ireland.

The majority of the Nation has defended receiving the rating by repeating the words ‘I’m racist but’ multiple times while questioning whether finishing the sentence would actually make things far worse.

An increase in racism in Ireland reflects trends in Britain, France and beyond recently as far right groups garner more support from long term fans of racism.

Tourism Ireland has resisted calls to change the Nation’s welcome slogan for foreign tourists and locals to ‘the land of a thousand well you’re not from around here, are you?’