Heartwarming! Angelina Jolie Offers Jennifer Aniston One Of Her Spare Kids


IN an effort to heal wounds from the past, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie made the kind gesture to donate one of her spare children to actress Jennifer Aniston following a media appeal which has lasted 20 years.

“We’ve got loads going spare, let’s see, she can have Greenleaf or Saatchmo, at least I think we named that one Saatchmo. I have a list of their names written down here somewhere,” Jolie said, as she wrapped one of the children up in a box addressed to Aniston’s home.

It is thought tabloids papers reached out to Jolie and showed her the 45,567 most recent articles about Aniston’s struggle to have children that the media has dictated she should have.

“Now don’t even think about sending him back, we’ve a bus load of them here, in fact you’d be doing us a favour, honestly, you would. We’ve a fresh batch of 10 due in next month as well,” Jolie wrote in a card attached to the package TMZ forced her to send to Aniston by pointing a gun to the Maleficent star’s head.

Several weeks ago Aniston spoke publically in a moving opinion piece about the media’s unfair treatment of her as a ‘childless women’ which resulted in the media furthering their efforts to make sure she got the child they always wanted her to want.

“I think when she said ‘stop writing about me and children, it’s a private matter’ it was a real cry for help that basically read as ‘oh my god can someone please give me a child’,” Mail Online writer of words Carol Hurd explained to WWN.

“She’s desperate for kids, why else would she write ‘I don’t think I want kids but it’s none of your business’ and make us tabloids kidnap a child to gift to her, she’s obviously very desperate,” added Hurd.