Nationwide Bandwagon Alert Issued For Dundalk After Historic Win In Champions League Qualifier


AFTER Dundalk FC’s historic 3-1 aggregate win over BATE Borisov last night, residents in the Dundalk and the greater Louth area have issued the most severe bandwagon alert in the history of the sport.

Diehard and lifelong Dundalk supporters have sent out a warning to the rest of the Nation that while support is welcome, they would like to know “where the fuck were you in 2011 or christ, even last month when we hammered Derry?”

Previous bandwagon alerts surrounding Irish cricket and boxing carried a less severe “we really appreciate the extra coverage but” warning whereas Dundalk fans have gone one step further issuing a “thanks but no thanks, don’t be ruining it for the actual fans”.

Fans who have spent their entire life ignoring the Premier League in favour of traipsing around Ireland following their team warned that bandwagon fans would be weeded out with a zero tolerance policy.

“Don’t think we won’t notice the extra 35,000 people at the next home match, and you can use Wikipedia all you like we’ll know when you’re taking shite about players you couldn’t pick out from a line up,” Dundalk supporter Eddie Howley shared with WWN.

Senior Dundalk fans have made pleas to the more passionate sections of the regular fan base asking them to remain calm and resist the urge to murder any overnight fans who turn up to the next game wearing old Shamrock Rovers jerseys. However, several brand new fans were assaulted after asking for directions to the ‘Oreo Park’ stadium early this morning.

Dundalk are just two legs away from an improbable entry into the Champions League stage, which could lead to as many as 14 Dublin residents choosing to postpone supporting Man Utd and Liverpool for several months.