US Supreme Court Rules Black Lives Don’t Matter


THE long running legal challenge by US citizens to have American society confirm that black lives matter has failed in the US Supreme Court, with 5 Supreme Court Justices voting to confirm that on all available evidence, they simply don’t matter.

“Eh, nice try, but come on, we watch the news so we know they don’t matter,” one Supreme Court Justice is believed to have remarked while discussing the court’s ruling, “a ruling to the contrary would just be giving African Americans false hope, and that’s cruel”.

“While there was a wealth of evidence presented as part of US citizen’s challenge, it just didn’t cut it when countered with instances of African Americans being shot by police officers on a regular basis with no action taken,” legal expert Roland Dempsey shared with WWN shortly before being shot by police on suspicion of being black.

President Obama expressed disappointment at the decision, which will directly affect him after the upcoming presidential election, when his current status of ‘president’ will be downgraded to ‘African American’.

“The one law for white people and another law for black people is still enshrined in the constitution. We will probably just have to look on in horror as black people are incarcerated on an industrial scale and accept the court’s ruling in the matter,” counsel for black lives matter Antoine Jackson explained to WWN.

Further legal battles may be launched in the future, but for now, the Supreme Court’s ruling must be adhered to.

“Yes, there will negative legal percussions for any person of any race attempting to assert that here in America black lives matter, as it is patently clear that on an institutional level, it just isn’t true,” Jackson concluded.

Meanwhile, in other news US police have issued advice to innocent African Americans who may encounter the police in the coming weeks and months. Police say they have no preference when it comes to shooting them on sight, and that if black people want to put their hands on their heads when approached or run away fearing for their lives, it makes no difference to the officers.