Red Rock Actors Still Getting Paid Way More Than Real Guards


A LEAKED report into the pay structures in place for actors in the TV3 soap “Red Rock” has revealed that although wages are much lower than those acting in Fair City, they’re still way ahead of what a real-life rank-and-file Gardaí could hope to make.

The Herald today revealed that Red Rock actors earn about 340 euro per day, around 25% less than their Fair City counterparts, but still way ahead of what an actual cop makes for keeping the peace and maintaining public safety in Ireland.

Many cops have admitted that they would perhaps prefer to switch careers in light of the revelation, stating that most of the time they’re just pretending to be guards anyways.

“We don’t really have the money to actually fight crime, so in a way we’re doing more acting than those Red Rock guys,” said one guard we spoke to.

“We get up in the morning, put on our Garda costume, and put on a show for the public. Those Red Rock lads are doing the same thing and they’re making way more than us. For the money they’re getting, it should be them standing in front of an armed gunman with just a stick to protect themselves, and not us”.

To add further insult to injury, the report went on to state that Red Rock actors get similar perks to real guards, such as free entry to Coppers.