5 Times Bono Showed Up Where He Wasn’t Wanted


REVELLERS at the second of Bruce Springsteen’s sold-out Croke Park shows this weekend were horrified when Bono joined the Boss onstage to belt out a tune or two.

But this wasn’t the first Bonobush in history, the U2 frontman has been known to show up in situations where he just wasn’t wanted. Here’s 5 times people had their day made worse by Bono.

1: September 11th

New York was having a pretty terrible day to begin with on 9/11/01, following the deliberate crashing of two hijacked airliners resulted in the destruction of the Twin Towers. Struggling to come to terms with the horror unfolding on their streets, New Yorkers were subjected to further anguish when Bono emerged from the wreckage of the north tower and began banging out an acapella version of She Moves In Mysterious Ways. Poor form, Bono.

2: The OJ Simpson trial


The trial of OJ Simpson for the murder of his wife and her friend was a racially-charged powderkeg that threatened to throw the city of Los Angeles into the grip of the worst rioting since the aftermath of the shooting of Rodney King. So what nobody needed was Bono showing up to give out about starving kids in Africa. Choose your moments, Bono!

3: Sarah Keenan’s 7th Birthday


Poor wee Sarah Keenan; you only turn seven once, so your birthday party deserves to be spot on. Sarah’s parents arranged a cake, a bouncing castle, and a new bike for their beloved daughter… what they didn’t arrange was for the lead singer of U2 to show up and sing the entirety of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Day ruined!

4: The final episode of Breaking Bad


Would Walter White get his comeuppance? Would Jesse Pinkman escape from the clutches of evil meth-dealing Nazis? Would Walt Jnr. have his breakfast? These were answers that we wanted from the finale of the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. What we got was Bono in New Mexico, wearing a leather jacket in 46 degree heat, for no apparent reason. Even Skinny Pete didn’t know what was going on.

5: Your last scan


You were experiencing chest pain, so the doctor referred you to a specialist. The x-ray was clear… except for one thing.