“Getting Punched In Balls Is More Painful Than Childbirth” – Irish Men’s Silent Struggle


WE here at WWN like to take any opportunity we can to highlight issues that are relevant to Ireland. We have one such opportunity thanks to several brave men who recently got in contact with us, to share a rarely talked about a subject close to their hearts.

Irish men are hit in the balls intentionally or otherwise a staggering 27 million times a year and yet so little is said about it when it comes to the intense pain and suffering it causes.

“Look, this is very different and women just don’t understand it. For example, us men, we can remember the very first time we got hit in the balls. It stays with us forever. Whenever I chat to women about childbirth, it just seems like such a non event, and not a single one of them has anything to really say about it. Be it about the pain of it or anything else”, explained one recipient of a ball hit or two, Declan Prendeville.

Declan couldn’t recall the number of times he had been struck in a bollock or bollocks, but estimated the number ran into the thousands.

“Oh Jesus, thousands I’d say and women, away with the fairies, try to say that they go through an intense thing with giving birth. Try getting hit in the balls, then we’ll talk,” Declan added.

Irish men famously reluctant to give out or moan about seemingly tiny and insignificant physical pain have been urged to share their stories and bring an end to women’s insistence that childbirth is a physically trying experience.

“Such is the pain sometimes I cry when watching Youtube compilation videos of lads getting hit in the sack,” shared another brave soul Bill Curran.

“Whether it’s a feather touch, or a hurley with nails on the end it of I will not be silenced anymore. Even the most minimal contact with the testicles can be worse than being in labour for a whole year never mind a few measly hours”.