REVEALED: ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ Is Sweatshop Worker On 55c An Hour


THE mysterious identity of ‘Becky with the good hair’, the woman rap mogul Jay-Z cheated on his wife Beyoncé with, has finally been revealed after sources close to the power couple confirmed that Becky is a Sri Lankan seamstress earning £4.30 per day making clothes for Beyoncé’s clothing range.

The seamstress, real name Naybekhi Masalan, met Jay-Z while he and Beyoncé visited the impoverished region to see where the “Ivy Park” range of sportswear was being made.

Accompanied by bosses from Topshop, sole stockists of the Ivy Park range, the power couple got a tour of the factory where the ’empowering’ new clothing line was being manufactured by women working 60 hours a week.

It is believed that while Beyoncé was being shown a spreadsheet of how much cash everyone was going to make by using low-paid staff instead of offering people a chance to escape poverty, Jay-Z nipped into the disabled toilets with Naybekhi for ten minutes.

“Beyoncé hit the roof, and that’s how the line made it into her song,” said a source close to Ms. Masalan.

“She gave Jay-z a serious fucking off, then went on with her meeting while Naybekhi went back to her sewing machine and spent the next 14 hours making leggings. She even got docked pay for being away from her post, although seeing as we only get like 50p an hour, she was only down 3 pence or so”.

With the mystery of ‘Becky’ now solved, Beyoncé’s ‘Beyhive army’ of supporters can get back to being empowered by spending £100 on a t-shirt.