5 Delicious Combinations Of Alcohol And Ice


THE summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate it than with alcohol! People in Ireland rarely drink, except on special occasions such as warm summer days, overcast summer days, wintery summer days and every other day of the year. Well, you’re going to be drinking in the summer, you may as well do it in style – by adding ice to your alcohol in one of the following ways:

1) Mojito

Get classy AF with a mojito; the delicious combination of vodka, ice, and bits of leaves and things. The perfect way to relax and unwind in the park, in town, at a barbeque, at a First Communion. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be so relaxed, you’ll hardly notice the fact that you’re paying 9 euro for vodka and water.

2) Vodka and ice

Mojito a bit fancy for you? Just skull neat vodka from a glass full of ice. Ice not available to you? Just skull neat vodka directly from the naggin bottle. You’re Irish, it’s summer, you’re entitled to get shit-faced all day. It’s in the constitution! Was 1916 all for nothing?

3) Wine and ice

You might not be a big wine-drinker, but when it’s all there is in the house, it’ll have to do. What else are you going to do, stay sober? That’s just not an option for an Irish person. Avoid hour-long “what do you mean you don’t drink?” conversations at parties by just having a glass of wine or 7. Summer that shit up with an ice-cube while you’re at it, people will look at you like you just invented fire.

4) Fill a plastic bag with ice and put some cans in it

Get your day at the canal off to an incredible start with a bag of cans smothered in ice. It’ll keep your Tuborg lovely and cold so you can hang around with your top off, staring menacingly at passers-by all day. Remember to dispose of your rubbish in the canal like a good citizen!

5) Head wound and ice

It’s not a day drinking in the Sun without a fight, and you’ll be glad you have some ice at hand after you get into a fight over nothing with another drunk and he smashes your head into the ground. Get that ice in a towel and get that towel on your head, then get yourself into A&E. Don’t forget to threaten the staff and the other patients while you’re there! Summer!!!