WWN Property: We May Have Found The Halting Site Of Your Dreams


ARE you a member of an incredibly marginalised group of people on the fringes of society, looking for somewhere to live? Then you might be in luck; several homes in halting sites across the country are about to come on-stream.

Described by the European Committee of Social Rights as “an affront to human rights”, these unique fixer-uppers offer an accommodation experience unlike anything found in modern civilisation.

In some instances, residents can enjoy an area far from local amenities and free from running water, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a location not serviced by refuse or postal services.

“Spaces in halting sites don’t come around every day,” said Malcolm Hannigan, an estate agent we spoke to.

“The Irish government were told in 1995 that 1,000 halting sites were needed, and they provided 54, so needless to say when a property becomes available, it gets snapped up pretty fast. Not everyone can boast that they live in an area that is in direct contravention to Article 16 of the European Social Charter, can they?”

Hannigan went on to add that, unlike the eviction rules that apply to settled people, residents of halting sites can be forcibly evicted after just 24 hours notice, so interested parties should stay on their toes if they want to get a house as soon as the family has been dragged out of it.