Can You Guess The County From Its Official Emblem?


AS part of a tourism push in the late 1990s just before the dawn of the millennium, Tourism Ireland recommended each county adopt an official emblem by popular vote for their county if an effort to draw more and more tourists from abroad, specifically Americans with loads of money.

The question is, can you remember which emblem goes with each county? What did your county end up voting for? Test your knowledge below!


It should be obvious, right? Reflecting the two sides of the county in the middle of the glorious Celtic Tiger boom, this county’s population sure knew how to sum itself up in one image.

Which county was drowning in money and a heroin problem that still persists to this day?

Why, good old Dublin!


If your memory is failing you, don’t worry the answer lies in the eyes of flamingo.

Flamingos happen to think they’re better than everyone else, and should be admired for it, the stuck up pack of winged wankers… yup, you’ve got it!

The people of Cork voted overwhelmingly to make a stuck up flamingo its county’s emblem, and it might be the most obvious choice on the list when you think about it.


A naked attempt to attract the American tourists with a great big pack of lies, this county tried to position itself as ‘the home of explosions’, but sadly it didn’t work and this county still hasn’t had a tourist enter its border in the last 17 years. So maybe this wasn’t the best choice, but can you guess who it was?

Stumped? It was, of course, the county officially known as ‘oh yeah, I always forget about Longford’. Still stumped? It is of course Longford.


Clearly a choice that was heavily influenced by the worries and fears about Y2K, this choice by its people was seen at the time as a politically motivated choice, an attempt to strong arm the government into helping the county avoid the end of the world which Y2K had very much promised would happen.

But which county was shitting its confused, elderly pants over all this computer business?

It was Clare.


The only emblem, which was a photo taken on location in the county. This field of cannabis plants was included in order to make the county the Amsterdam of Ireland, which in truth in successfully achieved and its lasting effects can still be smelled throughout the county. And nice to see Rosanna Davison posing alongside the cannabis, long before she ditched the demon gluten, she is almost unrecognisable.

Where was the photo taken then? That is of course the unmistakable Eyre Square, and the people of Galway voted for this emblem with 100% of the vote.


A cow’s backside, this one should be fairly easy. A clear homage to its love of livestock and farming, this county chose the cow’s anus ahead of newly covered potholes. More recently, there have been calls to change the emblem after one of their cattle clan was arrested for attempted murder of a local politician… who else but Kerry.


We all love Morgan Freeman, but one county typified that love in the late 1990s more than anyone by voting in the Hollywood legend as their official emblem. “We were going through a serious Freeman phase, I mean you’d watch the Shawshank Redemption at least once a week back in those days,” one of the councillors at the time recently revealed to the Irish Times. Well, which county was mad for Morgan? Those strange folks in Wexford!