Local Man Looks Nothing Like His Tinder Photos


A SLEW of disappointed Tinder users have come forward to report that Dublin man Ryan Hughes bears a striking dissimilarity to the photos used on his Tinder profile, WWN has learned.

Hughes, 29, has used the popular dating app for some time with varying degrees of failure, and is steadily racking up a large number of experiences on dates which leave women frustrated by being sold short.

“I’d jump on the lad who was in that black and white moody photo in a heartbeat, but that certainly wasn’t Ryan,” confirmed Niamh Scales, who recently met up with her Tinder match for a couple of drinks.

“And that other picture, it’s not even his fucking puppy”.

While reports of both men and women engaging in slight embellishments via the medium of a dishonest profile picture, several women who went on dates with Hughes felt his omission of the fact that he wasn’t the tall, dark and handsome man in the photos was taking the practice too far.

“Isn’t that the point?” Hughes responded when confronted by WWN, but denied any use of photoshop in his pictures.

“No, that’s just what I look like on a good day, takes about 200 attempts to get a good photo. But as I tell the ladies on the dates, squint your eyes and look at me from a certain angle and you won’t be disappointed, and yeah, maybe those photos were from 9 years ago, big deal I’ve barely changed,” added the now bald, beer belly owning software engineer.