Nation Decides To Just Solve Mental Health Crisis Itself


AFTER failing to reach out to those in positions of power who could actually improve mental health services in Ireland, the Nation has confirmed it will just have to solve the crisis itself.

Unhappy with the absence of any meaningful strategy, citizens stopped writing angry letters to their local TDs and stormed the department of health, ousting the current minister for health Leo Varadkar.

“The parties didn’t even bother with the empty promises in last night’s debate,” explained Ciara Kelly, as she carried the minister out the door under her arm.

At the same time large crowds also chased the minister for finance Michael Noonan from his offices and then set about allocating the money necessary to drag mental health services from the 17th century somewhere closer to the present day, reversing substantial cuts to funding.

“Have you ever been so disgusted by something that you actually did something about it?” Alan Collins, an irate member of the public questioned, having himself never felt so strongly about an issue before.

Alan then went about taking money from the department of finance and giving it to a variety of mental health charities who currently fill the void left by the health services in Ireland.

The Nation confirmed that it would listen to experts working in the area of mental health and implement their recommendations in a sweeping overhaul of the current system, shunning previous policies of just shrugging their shoulders in indifference.

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