Fine Gael Unveil Giant ‘Gerry Was In The Ra’ Posters As Election Turns Nasty


THE underhanded campaign tactics used by all major parties running in the election have reached their bitter worst today as Fine Gael spent the last of their election war chest on a series of giant ‘Gerry Was In The Ra – Vote Fine Gael’ posters.

Prospective voters woke today to find a number of the country’s most famous landmarks draped in posters which alluded to Gerry Adams involvement in the IRA.

The cliffs of Moher, the spire, Newgrange, the Aviva stadium and Thomond Park were just some of the landmarks covered in the incendiary poster from the majority coalition partner.

It is believed Fine Gael hope this subtle reminder will push people away from voting for Sinn Féin.

“Honestly, we haven’t a notion what you’re talking about,” confirmed Fine Gael’s director of elections, Brian Hayes as he stood in front of a freshly erected 90 foot tall poster on the Rock of Cashel.

Motorists on the M50 had to drive in distracting conditions as Fine Gael spent heavily on relaying the roads last night so that they were replaced with ‘Gerry Was In The Ra’ posters. Several hundred people have been injured in crashes as a result.

Elsewhere, the posters have gained international attention as they adorned the facade of the Empire State building, the Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal and the Egyptian pyramids.

Sinn Féin has responded by tattooing homeless people with ‘Official Fine Gael’ policy on their foreheads and a provocative ‘Enda Kenny Was Not In The Ra – Vote Sinn Féin’ poster.