Daredevil Leaves House With Phone Battery At 12%


SHOCKED onlookers applauded in awe as they learned that Lismore man Eddie Fallon had left his house this at 7.37am with his smartphone battery teetering dangerously close to the brink at only 12%, with no charger in sight.

“The balls on him boi,” remarked neighbour Andrew Higgins, “he’s a lunatic, with only the 12% he could be all out of juice by 11am, and then what’ll do if he wants to watch a funny video while on the go?”

Fallon further enhanced his reputation as a daredevil when he simply shrugged his shoulders in response to his partner Laura Daly’s screams of “but what if I have to get in touch with you?”

“I’m buzzing with the adrenaline,” a clearly nervous Fallon shared with WWN as began his shift at Colman Deliveries, “people tell me I’m crazy but, if I limit my Spotify use and only watch 10, 15 YouTube videos max I should be alright”.

Fallon’s decision to walk the fine line of low battery shenanigans hasn’t been without its casualties as he was forced to make the tough decision not to use Snapchat every 2 minutes, and had to reject a Skype call from his gas mate Anthony who’s over in London.

“Nobody said this would be straight forward, least of all me, shite, it’s down to 11% already, I haven’t even used the thing,” Fallon remarked, his brow now decorated with sweat, “I’ll have to rule out watching porn in the toilet on my lunch break too now”.

While Fallon’s daredevil nature has impressed many, others close to the 27-year-old have expressed their concern and doubts.

“What if all the lads are having a cracking Whatsapp conversation, with funny pictures and all, and he’s out of battery? Ah, he’ll be kicking himself… I can’t see him making past 1pm. Fair balls to him, though, I’d never have the guts to do something like that,” Ciaran Larkin, a friend of Fallon’s cautioned.

At last glance Fallon’s phone is touching on 9% and he may not make it past 3pm.

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