Revealed: Secrets Of The Playboy Mansion


CURRENTLY on sale for a cool $200 million, the Los Angeles residence of Hugh Heffner has carved out a place in the pop culture landscape, becoming known the world over as “the Playboy Mansion”.

For years, this 1,800 square meter palace has acted as headquarters for the lucrative Playboy brand, and has been the site of some of the wildest parties ever thrown. But outside of the tales that have found their way to the public, little is known about the Beverly Hills domicile. That all changed when realtors posted the listing for the house, revealing some secrets about the building that have never been known before:

Although the official report states that The Playboy Mansion was built in 1927, the site is actually much older than that. Experts date the mansion as at least 500 years old, and analysis of the brickwork reveals that each stone used in construction was carried by hand from a quarry over 2,000 miles away, by a team of nude women.

The Payboy Mansion has burned down and been rebuilt over 37 times over the years, all without the media finding out. The last time it was destroyed was following a party thrown for Charlie Sheen after the release of The Rookie in 1990, and prying eyes were avoided by the erection of a giant tarpaulin with a house drawn on it.

Upset that the mansion was not built on an ancient Indian burial ground, in 1967 Hugh Heffner ordered that “at least a hundred” Native Americans be killed, and their bodies stuffed underneath the foundations of the house. Heff was pleased with the results of this project, claiming that it “gave the gaff a real funky vibe”.

One of the most famous parts of the mansion is the infamous “Grotto”, where in 1976 an appearance of the Virgin Mary went largely ignored by a room full of people doing coke and riding each other.

There are 29 rooms in the mansion, but this does not count the 13 rooms which are hidden behind secret sliding bookcases. In addition to this, every painting of a person in the mansion has had the eyes removed, allowing you to stand behind it and look out through the eye holes. The house has no Wifi.

Heff purchased the Magic Door from Bosco in 1987, allowing houseguests the option of visiting Dublin Zoo if they feel like it.

The house has contracted HIV, but is managing to live as a normal house by sticking to a healthy diet and a course of anti-retro viral therapy.

The house is on the market for $200 million, but they’ll take more than that if you offer it.