DON’T WATCH: One Direction Carpool Karaoke! Seriously, How Do You Keep Clicking On These Things?


A VIDEO you would normally have no interest in has been shared on social media by 4,000 websites, and despite previous experience in not remotely enjoying viral videos that are described as ‘hilarious’ you will click on it, WWN has learned.

Due to a very conscious desire to waste time at work, accompanied by a frighteningly short memory when it comes to clicking on disappointing online content you will happily click on the 13 minutes and 22 seconds long video.

Some 2 minutes and 35 seconds into the video you will delete the tab you opened the video in after finding its content, which was described by several sites as ‘all we need’, ‘this is everything’ and ‘must watch’ as mindless dross which was less enjoyable than razor blades being dragged across your eyes.

“Why do I keep doing this shit? I fucking hate One Direction,” you will say to yourself silently, “don’t get me wrong James Corden is alright, but Christ that was a waste of my fucking time,” you will add after reminding yourself you actually thought it was a good idea to click on yet another obviously unessential piece of the internet.

In a sudden detour to your thoughts you momentarily contemplate your place in the universe and how all existence may be pointless.

“You’re better than this,” you tell yourself, despite knowing full well you’ll go through this whole charade again in an hour when you find a video of the Star Wars cast singing the theme music acapella on several hundred sites when should be working on something important.