Brave Film Fan Opens Up About Not Giving A Shit About Star Wars


WITH hype for the greatest movie of all time hitting its peak today, WWN spoke to one so-called film fan who said he wouldn’t be going to see Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Risking persecution on an industrial scale, film fan Conor Higgins spoke out today about how he honestly isn’t all that fussed about the new Star Wars movie.

“Yeah, I get it, its place in popular cinema, but it’s just something that leaves me cold for whatever reason,” the clearly mentally impaired idiot explained to this incredibly patient reporter.

Higgins confirmed he has seen the original trilogy of films which so captivated a young generation, fostering a passion for dreaming big, upon their original release, but yet somehow the 32-year-old remains unchanged by it all.

“No, no, to be honest, I’m probably going to go see something else this weekend,” Higgins added seemingly unaware of the fact this was the biggest movie of all time.

Mr. too good for Star Wars explained that he didn’t begrudge the film any of its hype, however, he insisted it wouldn’t sway him in any way, not even if a member of the media was to send him anonymous death threats.

“Blade Runner, now there’s a movie,” the movie illiterate buffoon said, unaware that he sounded like a right uneducated idiot.