Cameron Stays Off Twitter To Avoid Syrian Wars Spoilers


BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron is sticking to a self-imposed social media blackout in a bid to avoid reading any spoilers about the British involvement in the current conflict in Syria.

Cameron gets daily briefings on airstrike’s and death tolls at midday, and has stated that he loves going into these meetings with no prior knowledge of what he’s about to be told.

The war in Syria is the latest instalment in the long-running Middle East saga, and retains the spirit and thrilling danger of the previous conflicts, but updates it for a new generation with the latest weaponry and gadgets.

Commentary about the war has raged on Twitter since the news broke that Britain would be committing air units to the area in a bid to tackle the sinister emergence of ISIS following the apparent defeat of Al Qaeda at the end of the last conflict.

In a bid to go into his war meetings as unspoiled as possible, Mr. Cameron resists the temptation to log on to Twitter, check his mentions or read any comments posted on online news articles about Syrian Wars.

“I took just a peek, just a tiny peek at my Twitter mentions the other morning, and someone ruined the day’s Syrian Wars news for me,” moaned Cameron, visibly upset.

“Just tweeted it straight into my timeline, “Ten civilians killed as airstrike misses target”. Who does something like that? I had less than an hour to go before my war team was to present that information to me. I wanted to see that drone footage on the big screen in Downing Street, not have some prick just blab it out at me on Twitter. From then on, new rule; No Twitter until I’ve watched the footage myself”.

Mr. Cameron went on to state that he was incredibly distraught when someone spoiled the fact that one of the civilians killed today was the father of one of the civilians killed yesterday.