Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Award Cancelled Due To Lack Of Suitable Candidates


TIME Magazine, one of the world’s leading publishers, have made the tough decision to cancel their annual Time Magazine’s Person of the Year edition due to there being a complete lack of viable candidates this calendar year.

“It has been a fairly awful year for humanity, if we’re being honest,” explained Time editor Nancy Gibbs, “I mean we looked really, really hard for some bright sparks, but the more we looked the more we saw people just being pretty awful to one another”.

Gibbs stated that she hoped the Person of the Year edition would return next year, but admitted that for that to happen humankind would have to seriously step up its efforts and stop being so dreadful to one another.

Early candidates for the award this year were said to be Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian, but both nominees were ruled out for different reasons.

“Well, we were beaten to the punch by over 4,567 women’s interest magazines who had named Caitlyn Jenner their woman of the year as early as March, so it is a bit ‘done’ at this stage,” remarked Conor Gilmann, a member of the nominee selection committee at Time.

“And while Kim Kardashian released a perfume which smelled eerily like her fanny, we had to discount the achievements in perfume making considering the award is supposed to pretend to still have some semblance of merit and respect,” Gilmann added.

Time Magazine denies that the front runner for this year’s award up until its cancellation were the goats who sang along to the theme tune of Game of Thrones.