Are You A Genius? Click Here To Find Out


CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve clicked on our article entitled ‘Are You A Genius? Click Here To Find Out’.

Recent research carried out by the International Studies Institute of Studies (ISIS) proved conclusively that anyone needing the confirmation provided by a clickbait article which promises to affirm someone’s genius is in all likelihood not a genius.

The study theorised that the clicking into such an article will only be carried out by non-geniuses, thus adding a sinister element to the proceedings; why would a non-genius click into an article clearly meant for geniuses?

Not only is it a dishonest act, but the article could contain information that would put a great strain on a non-genius mind, resulting a dangerous possibility that the individual’s mind be completely blown.

“If you’re a genius, you fucking know you’re a genius,” confirmed Klaus Von Wunderkind, head of ISIS, “if you’re a bit doubtful about it, trust your own distrust of your intelligence, for once you’re right”.

“We’ve instituted this carefully laid trap with a question which asks ‘are you a genius?’, as far too many non-genius people have died from having their mind blown by articles online,” Von Wunderkind added.