Bosnia Confirm They Will Start Fog Upfront For Tonight’s Match


THE tense exchanges between Ireland manager Martin O’Neill and Bosnian coach Mehmed Baždarević are set to continue after news came out of the Bosnian’s training session this morning confirming the side will start Fog upfront tonight.

With Edin Dzeko struggling for fitness, Baždarević has gone with the inexperienced weather condition after it dominated the first leg, causing endless problems for the players on the pitch.

“It’s one thing to play up front with a big man, but if anything, this is very poor sportsmanship,” O’Neill told WWN after learning of Bosnia’s starting line up for the match tonight.

Baždarević however, was unapologetic for playing the inform mist suggesting Ireland lacked Bosnia’s variety of options.

“Fog plays with flair, we don’t tell him what to do, Ireland has no one like him,” Baždarević explained in his press conference this morning.

Fog expected to camp out on Ireland’s 18-yard line, giving the defence huge cause for concern. O’Neill, ever the strategist, has confirmed the team worked on a solution in training.

“Baždarević can go fuck. We went down to Lidl and bought 11 pairs of night vision goggles on sale for a tenner. We’ll have no problems this evening,” O’Neill said, concluding his own press conference.