WWN KiDz: 5 Fun Things You Can Do With Old Syringes


HEY KIDS! Welcome to WWN KiDz, the coolest place to hang out! We’ve got all you need to have a great time, with lots and lots of fun things to do! Today, we’ll be showing you all the amazing things you can do with just a few of those used syringes you found lying around in public places.

1) Space rockets!

Grown-ups use syringes to inject themselves with special grown-up medicine, but you can use them to make lots of fun toys, such as an awesome space rocket! Zoom through the sky with your miniature Apollo spacecraft, while blasting others with the special brown liquid lasers.

2) Darts!

Forget Nerf rockets, nothing makes a play dart quite like a used syringe that you found in the playground. Throw it at a tree, throw it at a gate, throw it at your friends… if it breaks, just go back to where you found it, and there’s bound to be another!

3) Claws!

Pretend to be a cat, or Wolverine, or a tiger… anything with claws! For this, you’ll need 6 syringes, three for each hand. You’ll only find this many syringes lying around if you live in an area that the Government REALLY don’t care about; luckily, there are several of these areas in every major city!

4) Weapons!

Play cops and robbers, just like real life! One child plays the robber, and uses the syringe to pretend to threaten everyone so they hand over their money, while the kid playing the cop watches from the other side of the road but doesn’t get involved. For added fun, the kid playing the cop can do nothing to arrest the kid playing the high level dealer, who supplies the robber in the first place. Fun for everyone!

5) Syringe!

Used syringes makes great pretend syringes, so you can use them to play at being a nurse, a doctor, or that man up the road who sleeps on the street. One kid presses the syringe to his arm then pretends to go to sleep, while the other kids walk past him while regarding him as nothing more than an animal. Bonus points for the kid that says “somebody should do something” without actually doing anything.