‘Mayo For Sam’ Campaign Really Starting To Get Old


ALTHOUGH the majority of non-partisan GAA fans are wishing the Mayo senior team all the best in their upcoming All-Ireland semi-final replay against Dublin, the majority of them admit that they are ready to see the end of this ‘Mayo for Sam’ shit.

Supporters of Mayo, undeterred by the fact that they haven’t won an All-Ireland senior football championship since 1952, have spent the past few years getting as many people on board the ‘Mayo for Sam’ train by holding up scraps of paper with ‘Mayo for Sam’ scrawled on them in pen.

Celebrities such as Paul O’Connell have had to hold up signs with “Mayo For Sam” scribbled hastily on them, while smiling politely at the camera and wishing they could go back to doing whatever they had been doing.

The images, videos, vines and songs have served as ideal material for websites which collect content from around the internet, and have been shared by thousands of Mayo supporters who lose the run of themselves at the sheer sight of someone on their holidays holding an A4 page with ‘Mayo 4 Sam’ written on it.

Although well-intentioned and initially humorous, the continuing Mayo For Sam campaign runs the risk of turning GAA fans against the Mayo supporters, putting them in the same zone and unlikeability currently populated by Dublin fans.

More as we get it.