Local Man Continues To Battle Ross From ‘Friends’ Comparisons


TRAMORE local Kevin Fallon is still fighting persistent comparisons drawn between himself and popular sitcom character Ross Gellar from ‘Friends’, some 11 years after the series finished its run on TV.

Due to the prevalence of Friends repeats on television channels today Fallon’s immediate circle of friends are provided with timely reminders that the 30-year-old Geography teacher’s capacity for embarrassing himself and becoming entangled in regrettable romantic dalliances is uncannily like that of Ross from Friends.

“It’s a stereotype I’ve been running away from now for close to 10 years, but it’s following me around like a bad smell thanks to the E4 repeats and now Comedy bloody Central,” Mr. Fallon disclosed.

“And, if anything, I’m Chandler,” Fallon remarked incorrectly as he has, according to those in the know, shown no previous talent for quick witted and sardonic ripostes.

Those closest to Fallon have confirmed that the hopeless Tramore man only has himself to blame, and deny that such comparisons are lazy.

“I don’t know how many times he has tried to tell me about how exciting Geography is, and then he’s going around claiming he’s like Chandler, and sure hasn’t he gone out with Siobhan about eight different times at this stage,” Nuala Agnew, a close friend of Fallon’s told WWN.

Fallon’s appeals – that he no longer be compared to the character played by David Schwimmer – have fallen on deaf ears, with many pointing to the most recent bank holiday weekend when Siobhan and Kevin got back together, only to break up again 48 hours later.

“I’d be more than happy to stop lumping him in with Ross, but he’s got to meet us halfway on this, and stop living out carbon copy chapters of Friends storylines. It’s not too much to ask, and look it, it could be worse, he could be Joey” concluded Fallon’s best friend Stephen Hughes, who is unquestionably the Joey of the group.