WWN Guide To Becoming A Grafitti Artist


MANY people agonise over taking that leap into the great unknown that is a career change, while some just grab the bull by the horns and go for it. If you’re the artistic type and are unhappy with your current career maybe you should consider becoming a graffiti artist.

Check out our guide below to find out how to excel in this worthy artistic pursuit:

at night

Changing your current sleeping patterns is essential if you want to succeed at being a graffiti artist. The best time to tag a landmark or local shed is between the hours of 4am-5am. Switching to the night shift may take adjusting at first, but will pay off in the long run. Soon you will find yourself locked in a sensual symphony with your city provided it’s in a location where you know gardaí can reach as their too unfit to climb down under bridges and other hard to reach places.

Your name has to stand out. In 2014 there were over 4,000 registered Anto and Deco graffiti artists, Stand out by coming up with a truly unique name. It needs to catch people’s attention and stick in their minds.


Get inventive! For too long graffiti artists have been hampered by the well established urban landscape. A wall here, the side of the building there. If you want to make a real name for yourself you need some original thinking. Is that old woman on the bus next to you asleep? Spray paint her face with your non-conformist masterpiece. A child about to tuck into a 99 with a flake – that’s your fucking canvas.


Banksy banksy banksy. His shadow looms large and for some his talent is immeasureable but now that you’re a hardened graffiti artist you have to say he’s absolute shite. He’s a bit too mainstream for your tastes and what would he know about the hard graft of tagging under the cover of darkness, sure he just pays lads to do it for himself these days. You much prefer Blu now. Or Blade. Anyone beginning with a ‘b’ that isn’t Bansky and you’ll be grand.


The cock and balls are making a comeback. This is inline with the neoclassical approach favoured by many graffiti artists who wish to bring back the early aesthetical aproach of a great big penis with jizz coming out of it. The highlighting of social inequality and societal hypocrisy is so passe now. You may want to omit the jizz fountain but to be honest it isn’t recommended.