Local Dog Embarrassed After Being Found Barking Up The Wrong Tree


A WATERFORD dog has become the laughing stock of the local canine community after spending upwards of two hours barking up the wrong tree, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Baxter, a 3-year-old pug, had spent much of yesterday afternoon growling and barking in the direction of a cherry blossom tree metres away from his owner’s house, under the misapprehension that his arch nemesis Archie the cat was stationed somewhere on one of the tree’s branches.

Universal ridicule was visited upon the dim dog once fellow canines spotted the cat in an adjacent tree.

Heisenberg, a 2-year-old husky discovered Baxter at the empty tree and promptly alerted the dog community to his neighbour’s hasty thought process.

“My owner turfed me out after shitting in the sitting room again, and next thing I see is Baxter barking up the wrong tree. The worst kind of stereotype we as a community have been working against, the dense mutt,” Heisenberg explained.

Baxter for his part, remains hugely embarrassed.

“I thought it was just an old bitch’s tale, but I have to hold my paw up and admit I just rushed straight over to the tree without doing any research and now everyone is having a right old laugh at me,” Baxter confessed to WWN.

“Christ, the more I think about it, the more I cringe, I even pissed all over the stump of it to make sure no other dog moved in on claim that prick of a cat,” Baxter added.

Archie the cat was unavailable for comment but is believed to be off somewhere look smug and aloof.