Faith In Humanity Finally Restored After Latest Buzzfeed Article


BUZZFEED, leading lights in the long established discipline of compiling lists, have been heralded across the globe today after successfully restoring everyone’s faith in humanity with one particular list based article.

Home to some of the most shared content online, Buzzfeed has often promised their lists and articles would indeed unquestionably restore your faith in humanity prompting accusations that perhaps they have overestimated the power of lists filled with pictures and gifs of animals.

Lists ranging from ’98 ways kittens are secretly killing you with their cuteness’, ‘141 reasons Taylor Swift just gets you’ and ’12 mistakes everyone makes when trying anal for the first time’ have all failed to live up to their promise of rebalancing people’s faith in the human race.

“It’s true, the editorial line of restoring everyone’s faith in humanity hasn’t been necessarily true, but now we all know that changed as of this morning,” explained Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed CEO.

“If you had told me yesterday that 7 billion people would have Buzzfeed to thank for how they perceive humanity, I would have insisted you were right, and now here we are – faith in humanity officially restored”.

The article in question ‘8 times this pug didn’t give a shit about the low-fat mimosa you were drinking’ began reinvigorating the planet’s collective belief in a positive and homogenous outlook for humanity. People’s initial faith in humanity was believed to have expired as many as 600 years ago.

“World hunger. Beatable. Poverty. Let’s end it. Nuclear weapons. Shit, let’s disarm them,” Barack Obama said shortly after clicking on the Buzzfeed article, sent to him by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The enlivened passion typified by Obama’s comments has been reflected in all readers who have read breezy asides written in the Buzzfeed article which were also complimented by several gifs expertly culled from popular online forums.

The story, shared over 1 billion times at the time of this article’s writing has helped to redefine how humanity is viewed by the human race, and has as a consequence altered the course of human history forever.

However, not everyone is happy as Buzzfeed rivals Uproxx and Playbuzz have petrol bombed Buzzfeed’s offices in New York as the clickbait wars intensify.