Uncle Ben Shot Dead By US Police


LOS ANGELES police have fatally shot businessman Uncle Ben this morning after a routine traffic stop went wrong, prompting dozens of people to protest at the site of the killing, according reports from the US.

The 98-year-old billionaire was said to be driving an orange 2012 Lamborghini Diablo erratically before being stopped by a highway patrol unit. It is believed the rice tycoon exited the car almost immediately, spooking the police officers and leaving them no other option but to shoot him 47 times in the head and torso, killing him dead.

“I thought I saw something black in the drivers hand and assumed it was a gun,” explained police officer Kevin Toddson, who admitted to firing the first 23 rounds. “It wasn’t until we inspected his lifeless body that we realised it was just his hand on the end of his arm, and not a weapon.

“Then my partner Gerry told me it looked like Uncle Ben – the rice guy. I fucking love that rice,” he added.

LAPD Chief Mike Burn told reporters that Uncle Ben, real name Gordon L. Harwell, died instantly at the scene before the entire street was cordoned off pending a forensic examination.

Uncle Ben is survived by his son James and three daughters, Tia, Chantey and Maria, who later requested his body to be transferred using a large boil-in-the-bag rice body bag, stating: ‘it is what he would have wanted’.

The shooting comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of police violence against ethnic minorities across the country.