Enough People Own iPhone 6 To Make Local Man No Longer Feel Special


A DUBLIN man was today coming to terms with the fact that iPhone 6 ownership has reached a high enough level to render him just another user, as opposed to late last year when he was the only person with the device.

Sean McAdams, 26, was one of the first people in the line for the new iPhone when it launched in September 2014, and enjoyed a period of being the only person on his train route with the sleek new smartphone.

McAdams drew daily stares from his fellow commuters, and was the centre of attention from all his co-workers who wanted to see ‘how heavy it was’ and ‘what the battery life was like’.

However, as the months rolled by, sales of the iPhone 6 grew to such an extent that they are now pretty common, leaving McAdams with nothing to make him stand out in the crowd.

“I was playing Temple Run on the train this morning and nobody even looked up at me,” sighed the dejected graphic designer, who has very little personality to begin with.

“You’d think I’d be used to this kind of thing by now, as I’ve been an early adopter of every iPhone since day one. You get a few sweet months where you stand out in the crowd, and then every prick gets the new iPhone for Christmas, and you’re dead in the water by March”.

McAdams now faces an agonising wait for the release of the iPhone 7, at which time he is confident of becoming socially relevant again.