Man Looking For Love Probably Won’t Find It By Leaving Creepy Messages On Facebook



WICKLOW man Sean D’Arcy has been advised by fellow Facebook users to rethink his strategy when it comes to finding true love, following the high volume of comments he has been making recently.

“I am really just seeking to connect with someone, you know? Understand what it is to love and to be loved,” admitted Sean in a candid interview with WWN.

Sean, a bank clerk, has been trying to interact with a number of women on the social networking site Facebook with the aim of finding himself an unparalleled connection with a beautiful and honest female soul.

One such woman was a 19 year-old Dublin model Orlaigh O’Keefe, whose modelling shots prompted Sean to comment below with ‘Id let you play with me flute, if u no wat i mean lol we’d make sweet music lol’. This comment when then shortLy followed by a second one relating to another photo which stated ‘deffo best model on facebook, would let u model lingerie for me anytime ROFL’.

Surprisingly Orlaigh blocked a now devastated Sean, who has yet to come to terms with a cold world in which genuine affection is rejected without a second thought leaving him to wallow in an unending pit of loneliness.

Fellow commenters on Orlaigh photos rounded on Sean, telling him he was a ‘bellend’ and a ‘walking advert for condoms’.

However, Sean has received little feedback from the women he approached online leaving him to fear he may never experience love.

“I’m at a loss as what to do. I’m nearly 31 now and women are still a mystery. I’ve done everything I can find love, but despite my kind words I’m destined to be alone,” shared a disconsolate Sean.

In contrast to his sad demeanour WWN has since learned Sean returned to Facebook later that evening to comment on a coworkers Halloween photo album at roughly 1am stating ‘I wish I was that costume…den you’d be wearing me LOL’ followed by another 23 comments.