Something, Something Weather


Everybody is talking about it. No sense in missing out.

‘Tis fierce windy’ will probably do it.


Did you see that one picture and your man, bold as brass he was, with the phone out and him right beside the coastal wall.

Ah, you know yourself though, some people just have a death wish.

Waves as, as, as big as…as a great big…ah they were about 20 feet tall.

And me in my wellies down the main street, not a word of a lie.

And coastguards driven demented rescuing those ‘smartphone wankers’, the phones fecking glued to their hands.

Power? No, thank God we’ve had no trouble with the electricity. The Joyce’s though…not a light on. I know, I know, but you know yourself with the young fella it’s tough.

You’re joking. You. Are. Joking. People go surfing? In that? Straight to the looney bin with them, I say.

Well, hopefully that’s the worst of it. Please God.