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“You’re Fired!” Trump Tells Wildfire Victims

DESPITE pleas from a number of White House advisors, US president Donald Trump has brought his famous catchphrase from The Apprentice back in a tweet aimed at the victims of the wildfires currently engulfing large areas of California. “California… your fired!!” tweeted Trump this morning, before deleting the tweet and re-posting it with the more… Read more »

Trump Shares Video From Mentally Disturbed Racist

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is receiving fresh criticism after sharing videos on social media belonging to a grotesquely racist buffoon who is clearly mentally disturbed, WWN understands. The torrent of criticism for sharing videos from a blonde-wigged and overweight 70-year-old comes very soon after Trump, using his highly influential Twitter and Facebook platforms, recently shared spurious… Read more »

Breaking: Yemen Almost Newsworthy

BREAKING: the famine in Yemen, made possible by the use of US weapons by Saudi Arabia to target and destroy food supplies, thereby committing war crimes, is tantilisingly close to being newsworthy, WWN can confirm. It is not yet clear what piece of journalism will push the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen into the… Read more »

Trump Declares [Insert Horrible Shit Here]

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has angered [minority] groups across America today, after announcing [fundamentally unsound and outright counterproductive policy which flies in the face of reason and common sense] today. Trump issued the statement via a number of tweets today, which stated that [140-character stream of conciosusness containing questionable grammar and petty, snide remarks taking potshots… Read more »

Jared Kushner Registered As ‘Qualified For Job’ In Embarrassing White House Error

FURTHER embarrassment has been heaped on the Trump administration just hours after it was reported that Jared Kushner was registered as ‘female’ on New York State Board’s voting register. With the Trump administration in the middle of wildly celebrating three scandal free minutes of the presidency, reports began circling in the media that President Trump’s… Read more »