7 Things Trump Has Done In The Last 24 Hours To Distract Media From Russia Probe


IN THE days following the news US President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, the bilious billionaire has been quick in his efforts to try to distract the American public and media.

In the last 24 hours alone, Trump has been busy firing off phrases and ideas in a bid to fill up the news cycle to such an extent that it drives the news of Flynn’s likely cooperation with Robert Mueller away from the front pages of publications, and further from the consciousness of American voters.

WWN has gathered just 8 of the over 2,000 things Trump has done in the last day in a desperate attempt to distract everyone from the Russia probe, as it becomes clearer and clearer a day of reckoning is fast approaching for Trump and those within his trusted circle of advisors/direct family members.

1) Trump confirmed the US Government’s belief that the earth is flat

Firing off a tweet at 6.13am this morning, Trump wrote ‘THE EARTH IS FLAT’ in all caps, confirming a change in US policy towards earth which predates the constitution itself.

2) Hillary assassinated JFK

A brief 14-second video uploaded to Facebook and Twitter by Trump, looking red faced and out of breath, saw the president yell ‘She did it. Lock her up. I’ve seen the documents before the deep state CIA agents ate the paper it was written on. Hillary killed JFK’. The video cut off seconds after Trump stood up to reveal he was wearing no pants.

3) Endorsed an alleged paedophile

A more calm and routine Trump then took to Twitter to formally endorse Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Quelling unrest among his supporters, who feared his earlier outbursts suggested he might be unwell, Trump returned to normal, predictable behaviour by endorsing a man who is accused of conducting relationships with girls as young as 14. Despite his best efforts, it is believed many voters are still reading the latest developments around the Russia probe with great interest.

4) Breaks from previous US Presidents and chooses to destabilise the Middle East using non-Military aggression

By readying himself to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Trump has dangerously altered a decades long US policy in the Middle East. Instead of following the lead of his predecessors, who used boots on the ground and military aggression to destabilise the Middle East.

To his credit, Trump’s decision to place the embassy in a city the Palestinians consider to be the capital for any future State has seen some people take their eyes off the treasonous misdeeds of those individuals who were key to his election campaign.

5) Tax cuts for the poor

Trump confirmed his tax plan, which will not cut taxes for the middle and working class, will ‘cut taxes for the middle and working class’. Knowing how such statements force publications into allocating resources to disproving such falsehoods, Trump has helped distract from the fact General Flynn is willing to tell Robert Mueller, who ordered him to discuss the repeal of sanctions with Russian official while Trump was a then candidate for president.

6) Punched a newborn baby in the face

Mindful of the fact that all his previous efforts to distract people from the continued developments in the Russia probe and the appearance of his son, Donald Jr., before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, Trump confirmed he would punch a newborn baby in the face as part of a Facebook live stream. “Will it be an ungrateful African American baby? Who knows” Trump teased in a tweet earlier today.

7) Launched 47 nuclear strikes on North Korea

In a last ditch move to guide the media news cycle away from the beginning of the end of his presidency, Trump launched as many as 47 nuclear strikes on North Korea.