Trump Shares Video From Mentally Disturbed Racist


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is receiving fresh criticism after sharing videos on social media belonging to a grotesquely racist buffoon who is clearly mentally disturbed, WWN understands.

The torrent of criticism for sharing videos from a blonde-wigged and overweight 70-year-old comes very soon after Trump, using his highly influential Twitter and Facebook platforms, recently shared spurious videos from a far-right British fascist/political organisation called Britain First.

“He is actually sharing videos from this golden coiffured cunt on a regular basis, Trump may not realise it, but these videos from a repugnant hate-preaching racist might not be making Trump look all that good,” shared one concerned US citizen, who is one of many viewers who felt compelled to retrieve their breakfasts from their stomachs after watching the disgusting diatribes.

The deranged figure in the videos bares a striking resemblance to Trump, and can be heard spewing non-stop divisive bile too large applause from crowds of adoring followers.

“Good God, if he’s sharing these videos in which a frothing mess of a seizure masquerading as a human being is just shouting random words mistaking them for cohesive sentences, well then maybe Trump might be losing it, and isn’t fit for office,” a media expert tentatively shared.

Trump, often found accusing people of spreading ‘fake news’, was at the centre of a claim suggesting he himself was spreading fake news when he uttered the words ‘I am competent’ and ‘I have multiple brain cells’ during an address to the media earlier this morning.

The President is expected to take to Twitter throughout the day to distract from the 17 women who accuse him of sexual assault, the indictment of people connected to his campaign for alleged collusion with Russia, his tax bill, which is giving billions in cuts to the rich, and the ghastly Christmas decorations his wife has chosen for the White House.